New financial year goals checklist

We are now into the new financial year and it’s time to review and reset our financial goals. To get the most out of the new financial year spend some time setting yourself up for the best year yet. Here is five steps that you can do right now to review your financial goals and […]

Five lessons you can learn from Grand Designs

I love the show Grand Designs. I’ve watched nearly every episode, both the Aussie versions and UK versions and refer back to them often when I am talking property and construction (and I am always talking property and construction). But Grand Designs doesn’t just teach you about construction. Every single person and home that has […]

Comparing quotes

Comparing Quotes – What do you compare?

When getting quotes, it’s usually standard practice to get at least 3 quotes. But now that you have 3 quotes how do you compare them? Not all quotes are created equal. There are generally 3 main areas you need to compare with all your quotes to work out which one to choose. 3 Main factors […]

Visiting old family homes

Property Pilgrimage – Property with Emotion

Recently I took a trip back to my home town, and took the time to revisit all the old properties I have either lived in or grew up around. Some had changed a lot and some not at all. After being involved in property, in particular property investing for so long, I realised that while […]

Renovating an Investment Property – 3 things to watch

Renovating a property is one of the fastest ways to increase the value and create equity in your property. Renovating can range from a quick cosmetic reno to a full structural alteration. But it doesn’t matter how big or small the renovation is there are few things you need to watch closely to ensure your […]

4 Simple Steps To Buying Property

Buying a property can be intense. You can very easily and very quickly get bogged down in the logistics, information and process. There’s a lot to know, right? and the more you know the more you want to know, the more you need to know. However, if we strip it way back, down to the […]

What are your spending habits?

Do you think you have good spending habits or bad? Do you know what you spend your money on? or do you honestly not know where the hell your money goes week after week? Tracking your spending can really help when to comes to making major purchases such as property, but the reality is most […]

How to Buy Property in a Hot Market

How to Buy Property in a Hot Market

There is no doubt that confidence is coming back to Real Estate and there are some markets that are really hotting up. Western Sydney and Perth in particular. For anyone wanting to buy in these areas then here are 5 tips on how to buy property in a hot market. 1. Have your finances lined […]

Inspiring Change

March 8 2014 is International Woman’s Day and this years theme is ‘Inspiring Change’. This made me think a lot about which women have inspired change in me and also which women have inspired change in others. There are some amazing ladies out there doing amazing things. Many women I meet personally, are wanting to […]

A Chippie Off The Old Block

I’m a huge fan of the show The Block. I have watched every season…it’s my not so secret vice. The Block, encompasses two of my favourite things about property, Construction and Design. Sure, most of the show is fluffed out with petty cat fights and unnecessary drama but the show does also provide some good […]

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