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What is your End Game?

Do you know what your end game is? Or rather what is your exit strategy? You should really know what this is even before you start investing, but many don’t. You would be surprised (or maybe not so surprised) to discover that a lot of investors not only Don’t have an exit strategy but they […]

Have You Met Our New Accountants?

You may have had the chance to meet them at our Big Brother Event at the end of last year, or you may have seen their banner on our front page. Let me tell you a bit more about them, because, honestly, they are awesome! So who are GMD Accounting?          Ryan Grebert, […]

Wealth Inequality

Recently I stumbled upon this video via and it seriously blew my mind. I consider myself a realist and I knew that the distribution of wealth was not even close to what the general population thinks it is, but the extent on which it is skewed still blew me away. It’s a must watch […]

Celebrations in the Big Brother House

Early December saw the ladies of Chicks and Mortar, their partners, our sponsors and associates all celebrated Christmas and the achievements of 2013 in the Big Brother House. The evening started with a tour of the Big Brother stage and auditorium. This was followed by a short walk and a tour of the Big Brother […]

Are you suffering from Analysis Paralysis?

Are you suffering from Analysis Paralysis? You’ve done your research and everything stacks up but you just can’t seem to step forward and make an offer, or you’ve made an offer but you’ve haven’t followed up, you haven’t pursued the agent or you simply haven’t taken negotiations further…You’ve stalled!! You are suffering from Analysis Paralysis. […]

Understanding the Property Clock

The key to buying at the right time is to get to know and understand the property clock (or cycle as it’s also referred to). While some areas may be booming others will be in a slump. Knowing which areas are where in the cycle puts you well ahead when it comes to buying and […]

Gathering Your Property Investing Team – Who’s Got Your Back?

Having the best team behind you makes a world of difference when it comes to property investing. While it pays to be well informed, it is almost impossible to know it all. This is where your team comes in. Having the right people that not only have the knowledge to help you succeed but have […]

Do Women make better Investors?

Do Women really make better Investors?

I don’t like to buy into the whole men vs women debate but I do ponder the gender divide quite often and I suspect I am not the only one as this subject is often making headlines in the news. Why is there such a divide? After meeting and talking to many fabulous women at […]

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10 Top Free Real Estate Apps for Property Investors

There is no doubt that there is a lot of tools and resources available for Property Investors, but Property Investing is big business and subscribing to or purchasing these tools and resources can set you back a small fortune. So, I’ve been on the hunt for the best free tools out there for Property Investors […]

Hiring Professional Services

5 Must Do Steps Before Engaging A Professional Service

Chicks and Mortar meet on a warm Sunday afternoon this month and the topics of the month were Strategies and the Buying Process. These topics lead to a discussion about the buying process and how it works particularly in regards to Joint Ventures and Options, how Joint Ventures are structured and what is the best […]

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