Buying Property. How Many People Does it Take?

We all know how involved property investing can be. Just buying and/or selling one house can be very time consuming and a lengthy process. But if you stop and think and break it down into a list of people who are involved in buying and and selling property, you may be surprised how long the […]

Strategy Breakdown

Investing in Property can be as simple as getting finance, finding a property and purchasing it. But how do you know this is the right property? Will it bring you the right returns you are looking for (whether it be good yield or high growth)? Is this property going to get you closer to your […]

12 Tax Tips for Property Investors

Tax time is rolling around yet again, but don’t leave it until after June 30 to get you documents in order. Be a smart investor and get on top of your paperwork now! Work out where you are currently sitting financially and take on board the following 12 tax tips for Property Investors to help […]

Acronyms to Know When Investing in Property

So you want to learn about Investing in Property, but when you go to seminars or speak to an experience investor, you quickly get lost in the jargon. Well, like anything new, it all appears to be mumbo jumbo at the the beginning, but give it time and you will be down with the lingo […]

Property Investing – Where to Start – Goals

So you want to start investing in property? But where do you start? If you have just asked yourself these questions, then you have officially started. The decision to invest in property is the first step of the journey, and seeking out information is the second. At the beginning it may appear daunting. There is […]

13 General Property Investing Tips

There is nothing like getting out on site, seeing work in action and talking to other women who has a passion for investing (and renovating) to really spark up the property investing bug. I visited a friends renovation on the weekend and came away with a lot of useful tips and information and even though […]

Springfield Bus Trip

Chicks and Mortar Visits Springfield Queensland bought out its finest weather for our Springfield Bus Trip. With the sun shining brightly 20 of us headed out for a day jam packed full of property information and property viewing, but not before we received a call from Maha Sinnathamby himself wishing us a good day. Upon […]

Investment mistakes to avoid

Top Five Investment Mistakes to Avoid

  1.   Don’t buy on Emotion – It’s not about the colour of the curtains, it’s all about the figures. 2.   Do your Due Diligence –  Do your homework and purchase with your eyes open. 3.   Crunch the numbers accurately – There’s no room for guestimates. 4.   Always seek expert Advice […]

September 2011 – Dinner: Sigma Mindset

With the weather warming and an inspiring speaker, it was just the night for dinner and some property talk. Therefore it came as no surprise that we achieved a record number of attendees at our September dinner. Julie Spain from Sigma Mindset was our guest speaker for this month, and I don’t know about anyone […]

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