When things go wrong with your project

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How ironic that I wrote last week about whether to do the National Census or not and turns out most people couldn’t do it anyway. The site crashed and no-one could log in. What a major stuff up!! Perfect timing to talk about what to do when things go wrong with your project. The Census […]

10 steps to hiring and working with tradies

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Have you ever put off work that needs to be done around the house or a bigger reno project simply because you hate the idea of working with tradespeople? You wouldn’t be the first person. Tradespeople, or tradies as they are affectionately called, can be known to be a challenge to work with. Even the […]

Property Covenants – All your questions answered.

land, building and property covenants

Property Covenants. Are they in place on your land? Will they affect your building design? What do they even mean? In this article we answer all the common questions relating to Land and Building Covenants.

Five lessons you can learn from Grand Designs

I love the show Grand Designs. I’ve watched nearly every episode, both the Aussie versions and UK versions and refer back to them often when I am talking property and construction (and I am always talking property and construction). But Grand Designs doesn’t just teach you about construction. Every single person and home that has […]

Comparing Quotes – What do you compare?

Comparing quotes

When getting quotes, it’s usually standard practice to get at least 3 quotes. But now that you have 3 quotes how do you compare them? Not all quotes are created equal. There are generally 3 main areas you need to compare with all your quotes to work out which one to choose. 3 Main factors […]

A Chippie Off The Old Block

I’m a huge fan of the show The Block. I have watched every season…it’s my not so secret vice. The Block, encompasses two of my favourite things about property, Construction and Design. Sure, most of the show is fluffed out with petty cat fights and unnecessary drama but the show does also provide some good […]