How to teach your kids about money

Money habits for children

The beginning of July is not just a change over of financial years for us… it is also birthday week in our household with our two eldest children celebrating their birthdays a week apart. And boy, do children grow fast!! This year, my daughter turned 20 {OMG am I THAT old!!!} and my eldest son […]

EOFY is here…again.

With only 2 weeks left of the 2015 financial year, it’s time to think about your tax returns, if you haven’t been already! Katie caught up with accountant Ryan Grebert to talk about the end of the financial year and what property investors should be doing to get the most out of their tax returns. […]

The rundown on Cross Collateralisation

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A lovely lady in our social club recently mentioned that she was trying to understand Cross Collateralisation and how it affected her. Cross collateralisation is a tricky subject. I have trouble saying it let alone writing about it. But it’s important to know what it is and how it does affect you, so I’ll try […]

The fastest way to increase your cash flow

I was speaking recently with a good friend and we were discussing income and cash flow. As an investor cash flow can become a big issue and when money is tight thoughts quickly turn the ultimate question…How can I get more cash? Sure there are plenty of people that will sprout their latest and greatest […]

New financial year goals checklist

We are now into the new financial year and it’s time to review and reset our financial goals. To get the most out of the new financial year spend some time setting yourself up for the best year yet. Here is five steps that you can do right now to review your financial goals and […]

What are your spending habits?

Do you think you have good spending habits or bad? Do you know what you spend your money on? or do you honestly not know where the hell your money goes week after week? Tracking your spending can really help when to comes to making major purchases such as property, but the reality is most […]

Have You Met Our New Accountants?

You may have had the chance to meet them at our Big Brother Event at the end of last year, or you may have seen their banner on our front page. Let me tell you a bit more about them, because, honestly, they are awesome! So who are GMD Accounting?          Ryan Grebert, […]

Wealth Inequality

Recently I stumbled upon this video via and it seriously blew my mind. I consider myself a realist and I knew that the distribution of wealth was not even close to what the general population thinks it is, but the extent on which it is skewed still blew me away. It’s a must watch […]

12 Tax Tips for Property Investors

Tax time is rolling around yet again, but don’t leave it until after June 30 to get you documents in order. Be a smart investor and get on top of your paperwork now! Work out where you are currently sitting financially and take on board the following 12 tax tips for Property Investors to help […]

A New Financial Year

I don’t know what it is about July but it gets me more excited than January. While January brings out our resolves to achieve more on a personal level, July represents an opportunity to start afresh on a financial level. It’s a time to gather together all the receipts from the past year (neatly scanned […]