Chicks and Mortar – The book!

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Chicks and Mortar the book! – A must read for any woman wanting to buy an investment property.

Have you always thought property investing was too complex?

Would you like to make sure you can retire with a good investment income stream?

Do you want to increase your confidence to build a property portfolio?

Then Chicks and Mortar – A woman’s guide to investing in property is the book for you.

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Chicks and Mortar – A woman’s guide to investing in property.

The property book that has women buzzing!

Chicks and Mortar a book written just for women to help them get started as a property investor and show them how you can harness the skills and abilities that come naturally to women to succeed in property.

Written by Author Katie Marshall who, after speaking to over 500 women, found the same problems came up time and time again. These include:



  • Women are not clear on what they want to achieve with property
  • Women don’t know where to start
  • Women are overwhelmed by all the property information out there
  • Women lack confidence in their own ability; and
  • Women feel financial security is just too big a goal to achieve


The book addresses these issues by covering:

  • The basic fundamentals of property investing
  • How to maintain momentum to reach your goal
  • How to overcome the mental blocks that hold you back
  • How to have the best team working for you
  • How to manage your portfolio; and
  • How other women have successfully invested in property


Chicks and Mortar – A woman’s guide to investing in property shows that will the right planning, knowledge and support all women can achieve financial security through property.

KatieMarshallsmlAbout the Author:

Katie Marshall purchased her first property at the age of 19 and has been investing in property and working in the industry ever since.

She is a qualified Property Investment Advisor and has also worked extensively in the property & building industry for close to 10 years as an Interior Designer and Construction Manager.
Katie brings a unique blend of both behind the scenes knowledge and mainstream experience to help women understand the process of property investing and how investing in property can help them achieve a secure financial future.


See what people are saying about the book:

“It is fabulous! I am on the ‘highlighter’ round. Round 1 is just reading, round 2 is when the highlighter is allowed.” – Melanie

“Arghh!! This is awesome!!” – Angela

“I’m reading mine now and it is fabulous. It’s really well written and easy to understand” – Audrey

“Thanks Katie for my copy – packed with great advice!” – Teri

“I wish I’d had access to this book sooner.” – Katrina

“I have just bought this book for my daughters.” – Elizabeth

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