Sparking a gender debate – Let’s go there!

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Recently I was interviewed for The Cairns Weekend Post to promote my new book – Chicks and Mortar – A woman’s guide to investing in property. The headline read “Investor Guide Sparks Gender Debate”. Now, I wasn’t expecting the story to go that way and honestly, I was a little put off at first. I […]

The 5 rules of joint venture etiquette

Recently I was contacted by another property business wanting me to advertise their services, which is totally fine, I often share details of other businesses and services that I believe are of benefit to my members & readers. But the way this business approached the situation and communicated throughout the process was wrong wrong wrong. […]

Renovating an Investment Property – 3 things to watch

Renovating a property is one of the fastest ways to increase the value and create equity in your property. Renovating can range from a quick cosmetic reno to a full structural alteration. But it doesn’t matter how big or small the renovation is there are few things you need to watch closely to ensure your […]

How to Buy Property in a Hot Market

How to Buy Property in a Hot Market

There is no doubt that confidence is coming back to Real Estate and there are some markets that are really hotting up. Western Sydney and Perth in particular. For anyone wanting to buy in these areas then here are 5 tips on how to buy property in a hot market. 1. Have your finances lined […]

Understanding the Property Clock

The key to buying at the right time is to get to know and understand the property clock (or cycle as it’s also referred to). While some areas may be booming others will be in a slump. Knowing which areas are where in the cycle puts you well ahead when it comes to buying and […]

Gathering Your Property Investing Team – Who’s Got Your Back?

Having the best team behind you makes a world of difference when it comes to property investing. While it pays to be well informed, it is almost impossible to know it all. This is where your team comes in. Having the right people that not only have the knowledge to help you succeed but have […]

Do Women really make better Investors?

Do Women make better Investors?

I don’t like to buy into the whole men vs women debate but I do ponder the gender divide quite often and I suspect I am not the only one as this subject is often making headlines in the news. Why is there such a divide? After meeting and talking to many fabulous women at […]

Acronyms to Know When Investing in Property

So you want to learn about Investing in Property, but when you go to seminars or speak to an experience investor, you quickly get lost in the jargon. Well, like anything new, it all appears to be mumbo jumbo at the the beginning, but give it time and you will be down with the lingo […]

13 General Property Investing Tips

There is nothing like getting out on site, seeing work in action and talking to other women who has a passion for investing (and renovating) to really spark up the property investing bug. I visited a friends renovation on the weekend and came away with a lot of useful tips and information and even though […]

Top Five Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Investment mistakes to avoid

  1.   Don’t buy on Emotion – It’s not about the colour of the curtains, it’s all about the figures. 2.   Do your Due Diligence –  Do your homework and purchase with your eyes open. 3.   Crunch the numbers accurately – There’s no room for guestimates. 4.   Always seek expert Advice […]