Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017

New Year, 2016, 2017, Optimism in times of uncertainty. Building property confidence

Well, that’s it! Another year all but over. Time to roll on to 2017. No one knows what is just around the corner. That is why it’s important to build a sustainable yet adaptable plan and growth strategy to see you into the future…

Setting your goals for 2015

Chicks and Mortar - Goals to do list for 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 has arrived!! Christmas and New Years my favourite time of the year. A time to celebrate and reflect on the past year and then press reset and head into a brand spanking new year full of new opportunities and surprises. Also 5 is my favourite number so this year I am […]

Investment property paperwork – why organisation is important

With every investment property you buy there is a mountain of paperwork that comes with it. The loan documents, the contract, the agency agreements, depreciation schedules and the list goes on. It’s one thing to have all this paperwork, and another to actually have it organised. Even if organising paperwork is not your forte, there […]

The 5 rules of joint venture etiquette

Recently I was contacted by another property business wanting me to advertise their services, which is totally fine, I often share details of other businesses and services that I believe are of benefit to my members & readers. But the way this business approached the situation and communicated throughout the process was wrong wrong wrong. […]

What is your End Game?

Retire on investment property rental return

Do you know what your end game is? Or rather what is your exit strategy? You should really know what this is even before you start investing, but many don’t. You would be surprised (or maybe not so surprised) to discover that a lot of investors not only Don’t have an exit strategy but they […]

Strategy Breakdown

Investing in Property can be as simple as getting finance, finding a property and purchasing it. But how do you know this is the right property? Will it bring you the right returns you are looking for (whether it be good yield or high growth)? Is this property going to get you closer to your […]

Property Investing – Where to Start – Goals

So you want to start investing in property? But where do you start? If you have just asked yourself these questions, then you have officially started. The decision to invest in property is the first step of the journey, and seeking out information is the second. At the beginning it may appear daunting. There is […]