7 Property and Investing Books to read in 2017

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Each year I put a list of books I want to read throughout the year. Often I will put up to 12 books to knock out throughout the year. This is one of my favourite things to do! To help you get started on your own list, I’ve compiled the top 7 books that I recommend for you to read in 2017 to help you on your property journey.

Investment property paperwork – why organisation is important

With every investment property you buy there is a mountain of paperwork that comes with it. The loan documents, the contract, the agency agreements, depreciation schedules and the list goes on. It’s one thing to have all this paperwork, and another to actually have it organised. Even if organising paperwork is not your forte, there […]

10 Top Free Real Estate Apps for Property Investors

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There is no doubt that there is a lot of tools and resources available for Property Investors, but Property Investing is big business and subscribing to or purchasing these tools and resources can set you back a small fortune. So, I’ve been on the hunt for the best free tools out there for Property Investors […]

5 Must Do Steps Before Engaging A Professional Service

Hiring Professional Services

Chicks and Mortar meet on a warm Sunday afternoon this month and the topics of the month were Strategies and the Buying Process. These topics lead to a discussion about the buying process and how it works particularly in regards to Joint Ventures and Options, how Joint Ventures are structured and what is the best […]

Acronyms to Know When Investing in Property

So you want to learn about Investing in Property, but when you go to seminars or speak to an experience investor, you quickly get lost in the jargon. Well, like anything new, it all appears to be mumbo jumbo at the the beginning, but give it time and you will be down with the lingo […]

Property Investing – Where to Start – Goals

So you want to start investing in property? But where do you start? If you have just asked yourself these questions, then you have officially started. The decision to invest in property is the first step of the journey, and seeking out information is the second. At the beginning it may appear daunting. There is […]