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Spring clean your home

10 ways to freshen up your home this Spring

Spring is only days away and I for one can not wait! I am not a fan of winter at all. I loathe the cold and can not wait to see the back of chilly mornings. Regardless of whether you like the hot or the cold, there is no denying that Spring generates a feeling […]

selling property in a slow market

7 ways to sell your property in a slow market

While there has been a lot more movement in the property market lately, especially up here in Brisbane, there are still markets that are slow to move and properties are taking a lot longer to sell. This can put a lot of strain on property owners who are needing to sell their property in these […]

The house no one will buy – How to stop this being your house.

An interesting article in The Sunday Telegraph this week highlighted extreme cases of cold listing where properties have been listed for sale for an astounding seven years and four months without selling. When I saw the title of the article “Inside the Sydney house no one will buy” my instant thoughts are, ‘what is wrong […]

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