Setting your goals for 2015

Chicks and Mortar - Goals to do list for 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 has arrived!! Christmas and New Years my favourite time of the year. A time to celebrate and reflect on the past year and then press reset and head into a brand spanking new year full of new opportunities and surprises. Also 5 is my favourite number so this year I am […]

Comparing Quotes – What do you compare?

Comparing quotes

When getting quotes, it’s usually standard practice to get at least 3 quotes. But now that you have 3 quotes how do you compare them? Not all quotes are created equal. There are generally 3 main areas you need to compare with all your quotes to work out which one to choose. 3 Main factors […]

Property Pilgrimage – Property with Emotion

Visiting old family homes

Recently I took a trip back to my home town, and took the time to revisit all the old properties I have either lived in or grew up around. Some had changed a lot and some not at all. After being involved in property, in particular property investing for so long, I realised that while […]

Renovating an Investment Property – 3 things to watch

Renovating a property is one of the fastest ways to increase the value and create equity in your property. Renovating can range from a quick cosmetic reno to a full structural alteration. But it doesn’t matter how big or small the renovation is there are few things you need to watch closely to ensure your […]