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When things go wrong with your project

How ironic that I wrote last week about whether to do the National Census or not and turns out most people couldn’t do it anyway. The site crashed and no-one could log in. What a major stuff up!! Perfect timing to talk about what to do when things go wrong with your project. The Census […]

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10 steps to hiring and working with tradies

Have you ever put off work that needs to be done around the house or a bigger reno project simply because you hate the idea of working with tradespeople? You wouldn’t be the first person. Tradespeople, or tradies as they are affectionately called, can be known to be a challenge to work with. Even the […]

DIY could be costing you more than you think

How much is Sweat Equity really costing you?

Are you itching to undertake a renovation project just so you can inject some of your own ‘sweat equity’. You know, getting down and dirty, getting on the tools, saving a few bob by  doing it yourself… good ole DIY? Doing the work yourself is a sure fire way to save money while also feeling […]

13 General Property Investing Tips

There is nothing like getting out on site, seeing work in action and talking to other women who has a passion for investing (and renovating) to really spark up the property investing bug. I visited a friends renovation on the weekend and came away with a lot of useful tips and information and even though […]

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