7 Property and Investing Books to read in 2017

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Each year I put a list of books I want to read throughout the year. Often I will put up to 12 books to knock out throughout the year. This is one of my favourite things to do! To help you get started on your own list, I’ve compiled the top 7 books that I recommend for you to read in 2017 to help you on your property journey.

Inspiring Change


March 8 2014 is International Woman’s Day and this years theme is ‘Inspiring Change’. This made me think a lot about which women have inspired change in me and also which women have inspired change in others. There are some amazing ladies out there doing amazing things. Many women I meet personally, are wanting to […]

Wealth Inequality

Recently I stumbled upon this video via www.upworthy.com and it seriously blew my mind. I consider myself a realist and I knew that the distribution of wealth was not even close to what the general population thinks it is, but the extent on which it is skewed still blew me away. It’s a must watch […]