Supporting women in property since 2009

When it comes to property, who is doing right by you?

Buying or building a property can be confusing and stressful, right?

So many strategies, options and choices.

Just like taking your car to the mechanic, if you don’t know about cars then you are at the mercy of the mechanic to do right by you. It’s the same with property.

If you don’t know the property process, the jargon or the best strategy for you and your circumstances, then you risk buying an unsuitable property and making other costly mistakes.

Arm yourself with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make smarter property choices.

The Chicks and Mortar Mission

It is our goal at Chicks and Mortar to have every woman enter the property world with

The Chicks and Mortar Philosophy

We believe that every women has the strength and ability within herself to build her own property empire.

The Chicks and Mortar Promise

It is our promise to you to always bring our A-game and to provide you with nothing but quality service and support.

Chicks and Mortar offers unbiased education, relevant and practical resources and dedicated ongoing support, which eliminates costly mistakes and gives you all the power to achieve property success.

How Chicks and Mortar Started

Founded in 2009 by Katie Marshall, Chicks and Mortar was established after Katie – a self confessed property fanatic – found that most of the property investing information on the market was skewed towards strategies that only suited the companies that were offering the information and the properties they were selling. What was best for the investor was not even considered. In an unregulated industry, there were very few companies that helped the would be investor help work out what they wanted to achieve out of investing, and even fewer that focused specifically on women. Through Chicks and Mortar, Katie is changing that!

About Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall purchased her first property at the age of 19 and has been investing in property ever since. She has also worked extensively in the property & building industry for over 12 years as an Interior Designer and Construction Manager. Katie has worked on some of Brisbane’s iconic buildings, drafting construction plans, designing fit-outs and coordinating construction crews. Her services were also engaged to draft new estate covenants oversee NRAS compliance. Katie brings a unique blend of both behind the scenes knowledge and main stream experience to help women understand the process of property investing and how an investment in property can help you achieve a secure financial future.

Katie Marshall founder of Chicks and Mortar - Smart property women
Chicks and Mortar - A woman's guide to investing in property

About Chicks and Mortar the Book

In December 2014 Katie released her first book: Chicks and Mortar – A woman’s guide to investing in property. A property investing book written just for women. This practical guide shows women why they are ideal property investors and gives women all the information they need to get started in property investing.

Katie is proud to be...

An associate member of the Design Institute of Australia

A Certified Property Investment Advisor with the Property Investment Association of Australia Inc.