Buying or building a property can be confusing and stressful, right?

So many strategies, options and choices.

Just like taking your car to the mechanic, if you don’t know about cars then you are at the mercy of the mechanic to do right by you. It’s the same with property.

If you don’t know the property process, the jargon or the best strategy for you and your circumstances, then you risk buying an unsuitable property and making other costly mistakes.

Arm yourself with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make smarter property choices.

The Chicks and Mortar Mission

It is our goal at Chicks and Mortar to have every woman enter the property world with confidence.

The Chicks and Mortar Philosophy

We believe that every women has the strength and ability within herself to build her own property empire.

The Chicks and Mortar Promise

Chicks and Mortar operates to a high ethical standard with full transparency. It is our promise to you to always bring our A-game and to provide you with nothing but quality service and support.

Katie is proud to be

An associate member of the Design Institute of Australia

A Certified Property Investment Advisor with The Property Investment Association of Australia Inc.

Chicks and Mortar is supported by…

GMD Chartered Accountants
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