10 steps to hiring and working with tradies

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Have you ever put off work that needs to be done around the house or a bigger reno project simply because you hate the idea of working with tradespeople? You wouldn’t be the first person. Tradespeople, or tradies as they are affectionately called, can be known to be a challenge to work with.

Even the simple task of finding and hiring a tradesperson can be a major feat in itself. However, there are some simple tips that you can do when both hiring and working with tradies to make it easier.

If you follow these 10 simple steps to finding, hiring and working with tradies, you will find the process not only easier, but also more effective and a more enjoyable experience for both of you:

1. Write a list of tradies you want to contact

Write down all the work you need done and the trades that can complete the job. Then start compiling a list of tradies you can contact to do the work. You can source these contacts from recommendations from friends, family, online sources etc. Try to get at least 5 names and 3 quotes.

2. Contact the tradies on your list

Call each tradie from your list. If they don’t answer then leave a clear message with your name and best contact number. Try not to get frustrated if they don’t answer your call. Most of the time they are on the tools or driving so will often not answer. A good tradie will get back to you. If they don’t return your call, well, consider it a sign… they are not the tradie you want to be working with.

3. Be super clear when explaining the work required

When you speak to the tradie about your project, be super clear about what work is required. What you are expecting the end result to be, when you need the work carried out,  and the location of the work. The more details you can provide the better.

Also remember, when getting quotes, make sure the quotes include all the details about the project, what’s included and what’s not included so there are no hidden surprises. When comparing quotes, you definitely want to be comparing apples with apples. If you know what I mean.

4. Ask for references

Don’t be afraid to ask the tradie if they are experienced in the work you require and if they are able to provide examples of their previous work and/or references. Reputable tradespeople will stand behind their work and will be more than willing to show you past work.

5. Check their qualifications

Ask for your tradies license and check their qualifications. Also ask if they are members of any associations in their field. Check that they are insured against damage, both property and personal damage. Insurance differs between trades but they should be able to provide an insurance certificate of currency.

6. Again, be crystal clear about the job

Be clear with the tradie about who is providing what products and when they are required to be ready. For example. You may source the tiles for the tiler to lay, but they will most likely bring their own glue and grout. You may also need to provide other materials that require a choice to be chosen, such a floor wastes.

7. Keep the tradies informed

Confirm with the tradie the day before that that the project is ready for them and confirm the time they will be on site to do the work. If there is any delays make sure you keep the tradie informed and other tradespeople that follow and a likely to be affected by any delays.

8. Be on site and available

As the work is being carried out make sure you are available should there be any questions about the job or any hiccups that pop up along the way. Don’t hover while your tradie is working. This will often slow them down. But check in regularly to check the work is being carried out as you requested.

9. Check the completed work thoroughly

When the job is completed, check the work thoroughly. Make sure you discuss with the tradie any issues with the work at the time you are inspecting the work. Don’t wait until they have left. This is also a good time to speak to them about maintenance and any required upkeep on the products and material.

10. Pay on time

If you are happy with the work, then pay your tradie on time as per your agreement. Don’t delay in paying them. Also, make sure you keep all paperwork for any warranties etc.


Being organised and clear in your communication is the key to working successfully with tradespeople. we often hear horror stories about how bad Tradies are, how they never return your call, don’t show up, do a dodgy job, and yes, some of these stories are true. But often there are two sides to the stories and in some cases, bad organisation or poor communication from the property owner can contribute to these issues.

Tradies often get frustrated by not knowing what’s going on with the job, not being informed of any changes and in some cases not given a true picture of the actual job required. If you act professionally and maintain open communication with your tradies and they provide the same in return, then it eliminates any issues, makes the process easier for everyone involved and the tradies will actually want to work on your projects. Everyone wins!

Keep these tips in mind next time you have work to be done that requires a tradie.

Until next time…

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