September 2011 – Dinner: Sigma Mindset

With the weather warming and an inspiring speaker, it was just the night for dinner and some property talk. Therefore it came as no surprise that we achieved a record number of attendees at our September dinner.

Julie Spain from Sigma Mindset was our guest speaker for this month, and I don’t know about anyone else, but as promised by Julie, I did come away with renewed energy, determination and more focus.

Julie shared her story, offered us some tips and gave us all some tools to take away with us. Again, as promised, Julie spoke about 4 steps that will change your mindset and transform your business and life. A very brief overview of these steps are as follows:


1. Understand your Drivers

What drives you to succeed? What is it that motivates you and keeps you going? What is it that binds you and moves you forward? Work out what your drivers are and make it your mantra! Careful though, drivers can also be negative and the negative drivers can sometimes be stronger than the positive ones.

2. Vision

What is your dream, your vision? You need a vision!! Visions, like drivers, move you forward but they also set your boundaries. Having boundaries, implementing good systems and having a clear vision will keep you on track. Visualise where you want to be and what you want to achieve. Think about your dreams in terms of your own life. Paint a picture (be realistic about timeframes – 3 to 5 years is a realistic goal). Create a vision board using words, textiles or whatever is relevant to your dreams.

3. Balance

Balance is crucial to success. Business & fortunes can be lost due to lack of balance. The more successful & resilient you are the more you need to look after yourself.  You are your business. You are the investor. Put systems in place to help with the balance.

4. Change

You will achieve a 10% change (or imprint on the brain) if you “own it”. Visualisations give a 50% imprint on the brain. To get a 100% imprint on the brain and be successful in change, it must be specifically targeted to emotion – eg Pride, Sense of fulfillment, achievement.

Some other points taken from the evening are:

When you think about an iceberg, you see only 10% of the iceberg above the water, while 90% of it sits below the water. Mindset is similar to an iceberg – 10% of your thoughts, actions, thinking is conscious and 90% is unconscious.


Entrepreneurs are dreamers, thinkers, storytellers and leaders.

Spend time on your foundations – vision, goals, mindset and lay these foundations first!

More information on the programs Julie offers can be found on the links below or contacting Julie direct.

Julie Spain

0430 186 415

Powerful Transformational Tools for Personal and Business Improvement

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