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I love shoes and handbags! What girl doesn’t right? Shoes and handbags are big business with thousands of styles out on the market. Honestly, when it comes to shoes I tend to stick to the reliable. I don’t do heels very often. but I love love love looking at shoes. And don’t even get me started on my handbag collection.

I also love looking at houses, like shoes and handbags there are so many different varieties and unique qualities to houses. When it comes time to buy, however, I generally stick to the reliable.

Shoes - Chicks and MortarWhat is your buying style?

When it comes to buying the major things in life {shoes, handbags and houses of course}, it can become quickly overwhelming. the more choices you add the harder it gets to choose. Do you find this?

How do you narrow down your choices to select the right one? What is the correct buying method? and what main things should you be looking for? When it comes to shoes, handbags or houses there are 3 main elements that you should be ticking off your list:


We all have a certain style we like best when it comes to shoes. Shoes that we are comfortable with and seek these out whenever it’s time to get a new pair. This is the same with houses. Whether it’s an established home, a house and land package, a unit or a renovators delight. Choose a style that fits your comfort level.

Handbag - Chicks and MortarPrice

Price is definitely a biggie. Our shoes, handbags and the houses need to be within our budget. There is nothing worse than buyers remorse and the financial stress that buying beyond your means can bring. You want to feel good about your purchase. Whatever you buy, it’s nice to know you are getting a bargain or at least value for money, and you are buying within your budget.


This is also a big decider when it comes to making a decision to buy. Sure, with shoes and handbags you have a little room for size variations but with houses the size can vary just a tiny bit more. If you are buying a home for yourself to live in, then size can be easily worked out, when buying an investment property it can be a little harder to know the size.

House - Chicks and Mortar

To know what size property to buy for an investment, you need to research the demographics of the area. Who primarily lives there? Is it families? singles? professional couples? Once you know the demographics then you can work out the right size house to buy that appeals to that demographic.

When growing a property portfolio, just like your shoes and handbag collection, you want to be gathering the right ones that give you the most benefits in the long term, and not just ones that sit on the shelf to look pretty but not much else.

What is your buying style? Share in the comments below.

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