Do Women really make better Investors?

Do Women make better Investors?

I don’t like to buy into the whole men vs women debate but I do ponder the gender divide quite often and I suspect I am not the only one as this subject is often making headlines in the news.

Why is there such a divide?

After meeting and talking to many fabulous women at the Chicks and Mortar events. I have found (and research has also shown) that women have many attributes to make it possible for them excel over men in the world of investing. These attributes include:

1. Women are more practical – Lets face it, when it comes to being practical, women are a natural. They are methodical in their thinking and when faced with an obstacle or barrier, we are more determined to find ways around the barrier to keep moving forward.

2. Women are more rational – Have you ever heard of the term ‘Have a womans look’? When it comes to thinking, women can look at situations in a more rational way. Women are more likely to seek advice and ask questions than men and research has shown that women forecast their finances further into the future than men.

3. Women are more conservative – Women are more conservative when it comes to investing. They are more risk adverse and research shows they will seek a lower return on their investments and do deals less frequently. Women are less likely to proceed with an investment if there is too many unknowns and therefore will research better.

4. Women are smarter at making their money go further – There is no denying the fact that women have less money. They earn less money and because they live longer, that money needs to be spread further. Women also fluctuate with their pay through out their lives should they opt for time off to have children. But while women have less money, they are more likely to make the money last longer than men and distribute their money more appropriately.

So if women hold all these great skills, then why are we not leading the way in investing and finances? Why are there not more women out there succeeding in wealth creation?

Well apart from the obvious reasons why more women are not out there kicking some serious investing butt, including lack of time, lack of resources, lack of money….the one biggest reason I have found by talking to many many smart, intelligent women is Confidence.

Confidence is the one main factor that is holding a lot of women back. Women have less confidence in their own abilities and often downplay or even deny the achievements they have made and the knowledge they have.

Don’t let Confidence hold you back. Take the time today to review your achievements and your own skills and abilities. I’m sure you have more than you think you do. Also take some time to reflect on past situations where confidence may have stopped you from achieving a goal and commit today to not let a lack of confidence hold you back in the future.

Need a confidence boost? Contact us via email or interact with us on facebook. We’d be more than happy to remind you what a awesome amazing women you are!

Until next time…

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