10 Top Free Real Estate Apps for Property Investors

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There is no doubt that there is a lot of tools and resources available for Property Investors, but Property Investing is big business and subscribing to or purchasing these tools and resources can set you back a small fortune. So, I’ve been on the hunt for the best free tools out there for Property Investors and my focus has been Property & Real Estate apps for the Ipad or Iphone.

After doing a bit of research, I’ve found:

Ten of the best free iPad Real Estate apps for Property and Property Investing!

RealEstate1. RealEstate – Ipad/Iphone – Searching for property has never been easier with the Real Estate app. This app operates just like the website (realestate.com.au), however, the layout has been adapted for the Ipad which I find more user friendly. The properties are conveniently located on a map via way of pins that you tap on to show the full details. This would have to be one of my favourite Property / Real Estate apps and I use it more than the computer site.


Domain 2. Domain – Ipad/Iphone – Just like the RealEstate app, Domain is simply an adapted version of the website, Domain.com.au, and just like the websites both this app and the RealEstate app provides thorough property information, Making it easy to find your next purchase.




Onthehouse 3. Onthehouse.com.au Property Values – Ipad/Iphone – Like it’s website (onthehouse.com.au) the app works to provide you with a range of property information including comparable sales, recent sales, property sold history, and ‘guesstimates’. While I find the ‘guesstimates’ to range from remotely possible to just plain ridiculous, this app does give you the land size, land values and history. I tested this app out with all my current properties and found that some were fairly accurate while others showed no relevant information. This app is hit and miss but still worthy of a spot on my ipad.

builder app 4. The Builder App  – Iphone Version only – This is a handy app for anyone currently renovating and in need of a trade or service. The app works by simply posting the job you need done on the app and then trades contact you with quotes. It saves time by not having to ring around getting quotes or waiting for trades to get back to you, but the app is only as good as the trades that have signed up to the app. If there are no trades in your area then you are probably better off finding a tradesman via another supplier. This app was created by Shelley Craft from The Block and has been highly advertised during screenings of The Block which will help get more trades on board.

magic_plan 5. Magic Plan – Ipad/Iphone – Magic plan measure your rooms and draw you a floor plan just by taking photos of the rooms with your camera. You simply have to stand in the middle of each room and circle around making not of each corner and doorways. It works very well if you are able to fairly accurately locate the corners. It can be slightly off if you have furniture in the way and are guesstimating the corner. I also found it worked better in larger rooms. The app then exports the file either as a JPEG, PDF or DXF file. This is a great little free app.


BMT 6. BMT Tax Calc – Ipad/Iphone – This is a great depreciaton calculator app. It provides both a maximum and minimum estimate with a breakdown of Plant and Equipment. Great for Investors, agents, brokers and accountants. This app provides estimates only and should not be used in lieu of a full depreciation schedule.



Auction_Help 7. Auction Help  – Iphone Version Only – Auction Help gives you a hand bidding at Auctions (if you need help that is). You input the current bid and your budget for the property and Auction Help will provide you with bid suggestions. This app also gives you a quick run down of your estimated repayments on your current bid and the estimated stamp duty. I’m not actually sure how helpful it would be during an actual auction though. If you have used this during an auction, let me know if it helped.


Commbank_Property_Guide 8. Commbank Property Guide – Iphone Version Only – This is a handy little app if you want a quick overview of an area. The auction results and suburb insights including median prices, rental yields, population and demographics. This app also includes a repayment calculator and other buying resources.



houzz 9. Houzz  – Ipad/Iphone – Need some inspiration for your next renovation project? This great app will not only give you inspiration by the bucket load but it also provides you with a community forum where you can ask questions and interact with other community members. Houzz also provides a list of professionals that you can call upon to help with your project. This app is very detailed with loads of photos. It’s clear layout makes it very easy to use.



Tap_Mortgage_Australia 10. Tap Mortgage Australia – Iphone Version Only – Tap Mortgage claims to be the #1 Mortgage App for the Iphone and first impressions indicate they are probably right! The app quickly calculated both the stamp duty and the loan repayments showing the summaries and repayments tables in a user friendly way. I liked that this app showed when it was last updated giving you peace of mind that the information is current. This app would be at the top of my list if it also came in an Ipad version.


There you have it! That is my top ten list of Real Estate Apps for Property Investors. While I have only done my research on the ipad & Iphone, I am sure these apps would also have an Android version or equivalent.

What free apps do you use for Property Investing?

Until next time…

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