New financial year goals checklist

We are now into the new financial year and it’s time to review and reset our financial goals. To get the most out of the new financial year spend some time setting yourself up for the best year yet.

Here is five steps that you can do right now to review your financial goals and set yourself up for you best financial year yet:

1. Financial Audit

Assess where you are right now. What your debt level is, what your savings looks like, what interest rates you are paying and what deals are you currently on with your providers.

2. Goal Check

Now check your current situation against your goals. Are you on track? Do you need to adjust a little (or maybe a lot). Do you even have financial goals. If the answer is no, then make this a priority.

3. Research the market

A lot can happen in a year or two. Things can change and you need to research the market and see if you are moving with the times. By this I don’t mean the property market, I mean research all your services providers (electricity, phone, internet, insurance) and see what they are currently offering to the market and how those offerings compare with what plan or deal you are on.

4. Ask

Now you’ve done your research and your armed with knowledge, it’s time to hit the phones! Call all your service providers and mortgage lenders and ask for a discount, a reduction in rates or a better deal.

Ask for what you want - Chicks and MortarYou never know what can be achieved by a simply request. Don’t be afraid to ask. You know what your currently paying and you know what other options are out there, so you have nothing to lose. I did this recently and was able to save thousands on my insurance.

Oh and while your at it ask your boss for a pay rise as well. You work hard right! you deserve it!

5. Schedule next review

Make a note in your diary for 6 months from now to do steps 1-4 again.

Remember, no one will care as much about your money and finances as you will, so get planning and make 2014 / 2015 your best financial year yet!

Need help setting your financial or property goals? Give us call to arrange a one on one strategy session.

Until next time…

Chicks and Mortar – Women in Property

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