Five lessons you can learn from Grand Designs

I love the show Grand Designs. I’ve watched nearly every episode, both the Aussie versions and UK versions and refer back to them often when I am talking property and construction (and I am always talking property and construction). But Grand Designs doesn’t just teach you about construction. Every single person and home that has been showcased on Grand Designs also teaches us all important life lessons.

The top 5 life lessons we can all learn from Grand Designs are:

Just Start1. Nearly all of the owner builders start their builds not knowing or not really sure where the money is coming from to complete the builds. Sure they have enough money to start but most admit that they are short of funds to complete….but they start anyway.

2. Again nearly all of the owners don’t have the first clue about building. At the start of the build they don’t know the difference between a bobcat and a cement truck….but they get in there and they learn (and they learn pretty bloody fast)

Learn3. Most of the builds incorporate radical designs, difficult site conditions or new building systems that are usually in beta stage….but they give it a go anyway.

4. Every single build goes over the planned time. Poor weather, trouble with trades, factory hold ups always push the schedule back weeks, months and even years which always blows out the budget…but they push through and complete anyway.

5. Every single couple on the show endures relentless questions, remarks and strange ‘what the hell are you doing’ looks from hosts Kevin McCloud or Peter Maddison about their design choices and decisions….but they stick with their choices anyway.

The whole point is, with property you are going to come up against some pretty big bloody hurdles, but you have to take a deep breath and just do it! Be prepared to learn, don’t be afraid to try new things and basically, just give it a go.

Are you a Grand Designs fan? What other lessons have you learnt from the show?

Until next time…


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