The fastest way to increase your cash flow

I was speaking recently with a good friend and we were discussing income and cash flow. As an investor cash flow can become a big issue and when money is tight thoughts quickly turn the ultimate question…How can I get more cash?

Sure there are plenty of people that will sprout their latest and greatest get rich quick scheme, or the latest and greatest program to guaranteed a way to replace your income, but honestly, do these schemes work? Do they really get you rich quick?…if it was that simple wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

There is however one simple way to increase your income instantly. It’s not a get rich quick scheme or a income replacement program. Actually, It’s very simple, takes no time at all and is relatively painless to do.

Do you know what it is?

The faster way to increase your income is to…ask for a pay rise!

Simple huh? You literally could be less than 5 minutes away from an extra $5,000, $10,000, $20,000+ straight into your pocket by simply asking for a pay rise.

Okay, I know it may not be that simple…Yes it could take very little time to do, Yes, it does involves very little work (to actually ask that is), and yes, it could be relatively painless…but it’s not right?

Speaking those 5 teeny tiny words…”Can I have a pay rise”…is actually very hard to do. Especially for women.

I know as women you are probably thinking…If I work hard enough, then I will be rewarded with a pay rise. I shouldn’t have to ask for one. I know you’re thinking this because that’s what I thought too.

Sorry to tell ya, but that thinking is totally flawed!! Your boss is not going to give you a pay rise if they don’t have to. You need to ask!

If you work hard and know you deserve a pay rise, then ask!! Honestly what is the worse thing that can happen? Your boss says no. That may not even be a bad thing…at least the door of communication will be opened up to discuss a pay raise in the future and ways you can improve in your role to fast track your way to a pay rise.

Instead of thinking of what happens if your boss says no…start thinking about how it will feel when they say yes. Not only will you have more money in your pocket but your confidence may just go up too.

Don’t over think it. Just do it! Ask for a pay rise today. It is the quickest way to increase your cash flow.

Have you asked for a pay rise recently or are you afraid to ask? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time…

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