Property management or child care

Property management or child care

One of my properties is giving me grief. Actually if I look back, it’s always been a bit of a problem child but lately it has required more hands on management, than I care to do (that’s on top of having a property manager). It’s all part and parcel with owning investment properties, I know, and it only relates to a very small percentage of tenants, but some days I have to wonder if I am managing an investment property or managing children.

Why do I wonder this? Well, simply because of the games that are played!

Here are the top 3 games that both tenants and children can play.

1. He said, She said

This is a fun little game where the tenant has claimed they have requested or enquired about something, and the property manager claims they no nothing. It’s the first they have heard of it. Unless you have everything in writing, then it can quickly become a case of he said she said.

2. Hide and seek

There is always one tenant that is constantly behind in the rent, but they are smart enough to play the ‘hide the rent’ game where they will stick just inside the tenancy rule in regards to arrears and eviction. Frustrating and not conductive of a positive outcome (for the tenant that is).

3. I didn’t do it

Any parent of a young child would know this game well. The chocolate biscuits are missing and the child has chocolate all over his hands and face, yet they still stand there with an innocent look on their faces profusely claiming they didn’t take them…yeah well it can sometimes be the same with tenants. “How did that massive hole in the wall get there?” “I don’t know, I didn’t do it!”

Games with property is just like games with children, there comes a point in time where you’ve had enough and you say…..Game Over!!

Can you relate? Share below the games you’ve come across with your properties.

Until next time…

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