When is it time to call in a property buyer’s agent?

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To call a property buyer’s agent or not? This is a question that can cross the mind of a property buyer. A buyer who may be buying property for the first time or have bought property before and found it stressful and frustrating. Buying your first property, particularly an investment property can be huge undertaking. […]

Shoes, Handbags, Houses. What is your buying style?

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I love shoes and handbags! What girl doesn’t right? Shoes and handbags are big business with thousands of styles out on the market. Honestly, when it comes to shoes I tend to stick to the reliable. I don’t do heels very often. but I love love love looking at shoes. And don’t even get me […]

Property Covenants – All your questions answered.

land, building and property covenants

Property Covenants. Are they in place on your land? Will they affect your building design? What do they even mean? In this article we answer all the common questions relating to Land and Building Covenants.

The 5 rules of joint venture etiquette

Recently I was contacted by another property business wanting me to advertise their services, which is totally fine, I often share details of other businesses and services that I believe are of benefit to my members & readers. But the way this business approached the situation and communicated throughout the process was wrong wrong wrong. […]

4 Simple Steps To Buying Property

Buying a property can be intense. You can very easily and very quickly get bogged down in the logistics, information and process. There’s a lot to know, right? and the more you know the more you want to know, the more you need to know. However, if we strip it way back, down to the […]

How to Buy Property in a Hot Market

How to Buy Property in a Hot Market

There is no doubt that confidence is coming back to Real Estate and there are some markets that are really hotting up. Western Sydney and Perth in particular. For anyone wanting to buy in these areas then here are 5 tips on how to buy property in a hot market. 1. Have your finances lined […]

Are you suffering from Analysis Paralysis?

Are you suffering from Analysis Paralysis? You’ve done your research and everything stacks up but you just can’t seem to step forward and make an offer, or you’ve made an offer but you’ve haven’t followed up, you haven’t pursued the agent or you simply haven’t taken negotiations further…You’ve stalled!! You are suffering from Analysis Paralysis. […]

Understanding the Property Clock

The key to buying at the right time is to get to know and understand the property clock (or cycle as it’s also referred to). While some areas may be booming others will be in a slump. Knowing which areas are where in the cycle puts you well ahead when it comes to buying and […]

Buying Property. How Many People Does it Take?

We all know how involved property investing can be. Just buying and/or selling one house can be very time consuming and a lengthy process. But if you stop and think and break it down into a list of people who are involved in buying and and selling property, you may be surprised how long the […]